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قوانغتشو، الصين الخيام anranr منتجات الشركة المحدودة . مجموعة التصميم والإنتاج والتركيب والمبيعات و خدمات ما بعد البيع بشكل رئيسي . المنتجات هي والخيام الكبيرة ، والخيام الزفاف، انزلاق خيمة ، معرض خيمة ، خيمة الحزب، خيمة عرس ، خيمة الحدث ، خيمة الأوروبية ، مصنع خيمة ، مرحلة الجمالون مصنع anranr خيمة ، خيمة المنازل والخيام المخروطية ، التخييم الخيام . في المعيار المهني وجودة الخدمات هي التطور الطبيعي لل مسار التنمية المستدامة.

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Sunshine tents

                                        His booming warm temperature also

                                                                              ----anranr tents

     October 26 to 30,, following the rain and snow longnan territory, "8 · 12 BaoHong in the worst hit into county, HuiXian and temperature drop range is more than 10 ℃. The safety of the people affected by the disaster could affect all circles of the society in heart. October 26, at noon, the reporter comes to into county town ZhaoHe village in zhu yellow ZhuGuZhuang site, anranr tent over the curl smoke, most of the people affected by the disaster is anranr tent for lunch. "A few days ago, we XianShang to put up anranr cotton tents, and to each of the victims brought the oil, rice, noodles, coal, the weather is cool, and gradually we hair cotton-padded clothes, at present life do not have what problem, is sorrow by the flood, rushed next year, or how crops in hurry."

      Are eating noodles and family of XiaoFangGong tells the truth. And XiaoFangGong adjacent complement the plum home anranr chrysanthemum of tents, anranr tent stove, quilts, electric blanket, heating supplies complete. Just after lunch for the chrysanthemum may, with daughter busy playing the mat. Fill chrysanthemum mei is too imperial village of zhuang people, in more than two months ago that flood, four mouth people for the family by government put here. Fill chrysanthemum mei marketer shackled play mat workmanship, and then in the hills near ChenKong cut to a bamboo mat, increase income. Fill chrysanthemum may said: "weave a mat need to 45 days time, a mat on the market can sell for one hundred dollars, a month could cost six or yuan income down."

     In the site, the reporter found that abides at home for young daughter-in-law and more older women, they or guard to take care of the children, or to do some of the work in hand, asking what home where men, they all said to the site near the odd jobs. Is the fire of steamed bread ready to WangShiYe said: "home with two students to provide, the husband migrant work every day, for children to pay for school." Vice mayor WangJiaWei taozhu yellow the introduction, near winter, in order to ensure the safety of the people affected by the disaster, ease the winter, according to standard issue in the town of cereals, oils and foodstuffs. At the same time, to the Hong Kong amity foundation aid for victims of the 924 pieces of cotton, sportswear 462 sets, ensure that per capita 2 a cotton-padded clothes, 1 set of sports. For increasing the mass income, the town is more than 260 active help village migrant workers earned income, and timely to cash the food straight up, converting cropland to forest funds.

      In the afternoon, the reporter comes to by national highway 316 HuiXian of JiangLuo town green river village site, each house anranr tent in the issue of materials and into county ZhuGuZhuang site. Walk into a top gave birth to the stove anranr cotton tents, suddenly feel warm a lot of, in the villagers ZhangZhen WenGu anranr of the tent, ZhangZhen WenZheng sitting in front of the TV, the furnace red flame directly to the ShangCuan. When a reporter asked about whether the winter safety, ZhangZhen said: "have no problem, 10 days ago, my family, to the anranr cotton tents, stove, coal, electric blanket, although now it has become cold, but born of furnace anranr tent, it's still very warm. At night, in a blanket, not feel cold." HuiXian civil affairs bureau staff, told reporters, in order to let the people affected by the disaster warm winter, XianShang to the disaster WuFangHu release of cotton anranr tents, stove, heating supplies at the same time, take repair damaged houses, renting private housing, TouQinKaoYou resettlement way, etc.

      The construction of a security is 54, and keep warm winter room of simple and easy, every people can ensure the 30 square meters of wintering houses, can be put into use end. Out of the anranr tent area, look up into the distance, not far from the top of the already on the snow, and looking back flashing blue behind anranr relief tents, curling up from the flue of wood smoke in the air, let a person feel warm breath.

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